Why is Coldwell Banker and Steve Freeman the home for awesomeness and other real estate brands just merely innovative? Take a look.

What is innovation?

The Oxford Dictionary defines innovation as two simple words: something new. That’s it. Something new. A new product. A new method. A new idea. That’s innovation, but the word has lost its meaning.

Innovation once conjured up thoughts of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, or the Wright Brothers. It was a term reserved for trailblazers like Steve Jobs, Marie Curie or Steven Spielberg. But today, in our industry, innovation has been demoted to a trite adjective used to bolster the mundane into a thinly veiled disguise of something grand. Real estate declares innovation at the launch of a website that has gotten a facelift, an app that does the same thing as its competition, or a brokerage that decides they no longer need a physical office.

When everyone lays claim to innovation, it ceases to be the powerful idea it once was. It’s time for something to take its place. It’s time for us to redefine that which is truly different. It’s time for awesomeness.

Yes, awesomeness.

But wait, you say. Isn’t awesomeness too juvenile? A little too pop? Too fluff? Too casual?

Awesomeness is quite the contrary. Awesomeness is not just something new. It can’t be contained by a simple definition. It’s a feeling, an emotion, an unsolicited response to the truly amazing. Awesomeness is at the core of Coldwell Banker since our founding in 1906 where our roots were grounded in being a consumer champion.

Awesomeness is being named real estate’s most influential brand on social media for 6 years running. Awesomeness is not just sending leads, but leads that convert 3x better than any other website. Awesomeness carries a premium – a price premium of 15%, to be exact. Awesomeness is changing the conversation in real estate to focus on the real value of a home.

Awesomeness is #HomeRocks, Homes for Dogs, CBx, and a global Gen Blue network that represents the most productive brand in real estate.

Let others innovate. There will always be something new. But it won’t always be awesome.

Awesomeness is reserved for those who set their minds to pursue it. And awesomeness is what we do every day. Because our calling is to help create one of the most awesome moments the world has ever known – having a place to call home.

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