When Should You Consider Using A Foreign Trade Zone?

Steve Freeman, Realtor
Steve Freeman, Realtor
Published on September 27, 2017

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Jackson County, Mississippi Foreign Trade Zone – Information is provided by the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation

You should consider using an FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone):

…when imported products are subject to import quotas.

…when imported goods are brought into the U.S. in dutiable containers and are to be sorted, repackaged, relabeled, or upgraded to meet company or entry requirements.

…when the cost of shipping is increasing faster than inventory turnover will profitably accommodate.

…when goods can be imported at a manufacturer’s discount several months prior to sale.

…when subassembly, assembly, or manufacturing, using wholly or partly imported materials, is undertaken for sale in U.S. or foreign markets.

… when processing merchandise can result in duty or transportation savings from weight reduction or lower duty rates.

…when import shipments can be made in quantity to lower costs, then the products are inspected, repaired, or repackaged and then entered into Customs territory in smaller quantities.

…when imported merchandise is to be stored and exhibited for later sale in order to take advantage of seasonal or unique markets.

…when the duration of storage is uncertain or prolonged and/or when the ultimate destination is uncertain.

he Mississippi Coast Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is 5,000 acres of secured sites at airports, ports, and industrial parks located within the Mississippi Counties of Jackson, Hancock, and Harrison. These Mississippi Gulf Coast counties lie along the north central Gulf of Mexico in the multi-modal transportation center of the state. All governmental agencies necessary to accommodate uncomplicated importation and exportation of products are readily available to each site within the Mississippi Coast Foreign Trade Zone.

Goods in process within the FTZ are considered to be outside of U.S. Customs territory. Therefore, foreign or domestic merchandise coming into the FTZ is generally considered part of international commerce and not officially entered into U.S. Commerce.




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When Should You Consider Using A Foreign Trade Zone?
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