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Steve Freeman, Realtor at Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty

I love working with first time home buyers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!  The first challenge home buyers face on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is finding out how much home they can afford.  For example, when you go to the store you know how you are going to pay for the groceries. You also know how much money you have available when you are making a decision to buy a steak or hamburger. It is important to know how much you can borrow and what it will cost to buy a home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Id hate for you to find your dream home and then learn you cant qualify to purchase it. I would recommend getting a pre-approval letter from the lender first before you tour homes. It is important to have that letter ready to go when you find a home on which you want to put an offer. Additionally, a lender will have information about different programs and grants that may be available to you.  I can give you advice on who to consider as your Mississippi Gulf Coast lender. Not all lenders and mortgage brokers are created equal. Some have stiff requirements while others cater to people who may need some help.  I’ll help you choose a company that offers programs suited for your particular situation.

First-time home buyer grants can be an extremely valuable asset to those that qualify. Many people can benefit from these programs but they do not know how to get access to them. There are several mortgage programs that will give you low interest rates and low down payments. In addition, you can also get access to first-time home buyer grants. These grants are basically going to give you free money that you can use in order to make a down payment on the purchase of a house. This money is not a loan and it does not ever have to be repaid.

Find a Lender

The first part of this process is going to involve finding a lender on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that you can work with. There are many mortgage lenders. In many cases, you will want to find one that offers help for first-time home buyers. You can find your own lender or give me a call and i can recommend a few that meet your current requirements.


Once you have located a lender on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that you can work with, you will want to apply for a loan. You will need to apply before you can start looking for grant programs to work with. This process usually goes pretty quickly and you are basically just going to have to fill out some forms. When you fill out the loan application, you should let your lender know that you are going to look for grant programs. They may be able to recommend a program for you.

Locating a Grant Program

The next step of the process is to locate a grant program that you can work with. There are many grant programs out there for you to work with. Mississippi has a variety of programs available, while others are provided on a local level. I have a comprehensive list of the grant programs that are available for people who want to live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast


After you have located some grant programs, you will then need to apply for them. Most of the time, you can access them directly through their website.  They are usually easy online forms available or you may have to complete a document and send it to them along with your credit documents. At that point, they will review your application and decide if they are going to give you a grant.  Your Mississippi Gulf Coast lender may be able to assist you.  It all depends on who you choose.


If the grant program decides that you are a worthy candidate, they will approve your application. They should notify you of their decision within a short period of time. If you are approved, they will review the terms of the program with you. Usually the transfer of the money is handled at closing and you will never come into contact with the money.

Buying a Mississippi Gulf Coast home doesn’t have to be stressful.  Let me help you find the best program that will work for you!

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