MS Gulf Coast Real Estate Loopholes In The New Tax Plan?

Steve Freeman, Realtor
Steve Freeman, Realtor
Published on January 19, 2018

MS Gulf Coast Real Estate Loopholes?

Congress has finally passed a new tax bill for 2018 with much conflict and deliberation in the process. The new tax bill will certainly affect those who plan to or have invested in commercial real estate. Dubbed the bill with the “most comprehensive tax changes in recent history,” this new bill has in fact taken away a number of deductions but deep within the new bill you’ll find new loopholes real estate investors will benefit from for the very first time.

Tax Incentives On The MS Gulf Coast for commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Tax Incentives On The MS Gulf Coast

100% Bonus Depreciation Deduction

If you are an investor who needs to purchase assets for their business; anything from furniture, computers, etc., you are now given a 100% bonus depreciation deduction, given that those assets were purchased after 9/27/17. This means that the expenses of those assets would get an immediate write-off rather than having them depreciate over time. Unlike before, this new write-off now applies to both new and used assets.

MS Gulf Coast Tax Depreciation Bonus

Tax Depreciation Bonus MS Gulf Coast

$11M is Now Free From Estate Taxes

If you are a single investor, the amount on a property that is free from estate taxes has doubled to $11M for single people and $22M for married couples.


MS Gulf Coast Tax Free Money

Tax free money on the MS Gulf Coast


20% of Profit is Tax-Free

This loophole provides investors the benefit of only paying taxes on 20% of profits generated through LLCs, S Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and schedule E rentals. There are limitations to this deduction; some service based business will not qualify if they’re taxable income is above $207k/$415k and $157k/$315k for non-service based business. In addition to this, these deductions do not apply to dividends, interest, and capital gains income.

MS Gulf Coast Real Estate Loopholes Could Be For Real.

These are just a few amongst the 16 loopholes and limitations for real estate investors mentioned in Big Pocket’s article, “Hot off the Press: Real Estate Loopholes and Limitation in the New Tax Bill.”For the full list check out’s article.

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MS Gulf Coast Real Estate Loopholes


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