Ocean Springs residents have known this for a very long time.  We have GREAT teachers and a support staff that backs them up.  Lets make our community schools second to none.  Volunteer when you can.  Ask your childrens teacher “how can I help you successfully educate our children?” Teachers welcome volunteers!  Become involved Ocean springs…Our childrens education depends upon it.

U.S. News and World Report has named Ocean Springs High School as the third best high school in Mississippi and gave the school a silver medal based on its academic success compared to high schools across the nation.

Less than 15% of the nation’s high schools in the rankings received a gold or silver medal, which is based on the college preparedness of the students.

School rankings are determined through a four-step process according to the methodology released by US News and World Report.  The methodology studied student performance on tests of reading and math proficiency, with an in-depth look at the success of disadvantaged students. In addition, graduation rate and data concerning Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests were reviewed.

“I’m proud of the ranking of our high school,” said Principal Dr. Vickie Tiblier. “While we will enjoy this ranking, we will continue to seek out ways to improve as we guide our students on their quest to college and career readiness.”

Only three other schools in Mississippi received silver medals.

“It is imperative that schools prepare students that are ready for the world and the opportunities of the future,” said Dr. Bonita Coleman-Potter, Ocean Springs School District Superintendent. “This ranking shows that we are doing this here in Ocean Springs, and I look forward to seeing how we compare to schools, not only in Mississippi, but around the nation, in the future.”

A Message From Our Superintendent

Welcome to the Ocean Springs School District (OSSD) – Where We Bridge Academics, Athletics and the Arts!  We have developed our website to serve as a resource for our students, school staff, parents and the Ocean Springs community. It is our mission to be a student-centered, high-performing school district that prepares it’s students to be life long learners, thinkers and productive members of our society.  The foundation for this mission is clearly articulated in the OSSD’s strategic plan which holds all adults in the system responsible for the effective instruction of our students.

Students: Our mission is to focus on you and your preparation for the next phase of your lives. Every decision we make, every plan we implement, everything must be centered around you and your educational success. I strongly encourage you to reflect on the education that you are receiving and ask the hard questions of yourself and your teachers. Are you learning up to your potential so that you can be ready for college and a career upon graduating from Ocean Springs School District?  Remember, smarter is what you become through active learning experiences!

Parents/Family: I encourage you to visit your child (ren) at school to see the dynamic learning experiences in which they are engaged on a daily basis. Just as important, your presence and attention to their academic lives will reinforce to your child your support for his or her academic achievement.

Staff:  The challenge is very clear for us:  A great teacher in every classroom for every student every day. It is our responsibility to support the instruction of students from whatever position you serve in the district-all roads must lead back to our students.Community: As a school system, we are thankful to be in a community dedicated to  students and schools. The strength of our collaboration is what makes Ocean Springs School District a great place to live and to learn.

Success does not happen by chance. School districts do not perform at high levels by accident-it is the thoughtful, deliberative acts of all facets of the school community that fosters success.

It’s Great to be a Greyhound!

Bonita Coleman-Potter, PhD
Superintendent of Schools


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