For Ocean Springs Real Estate, the number one website as far as traffic goes is Zillow.com.  This website gets thousands of page views per month for Ocean Springs properties.  That’s an amazing amount of traffic each year!

With all this traffic, how great is this site?  There are positives and negatives.  Use this site for its research value.  Zillow has housing details for almost every single property in the United States.  What this means is they have basic information as far age, size, lot size, school information and even a rough estimate of value.  You can also view homes(not real time, very inaccurate) for sale and for rent.  These are some of the good qualities of this website.  Use Zillow as useful research tool.   Research the presented information to aid you in locating the perfect city, neighborhood and school district that suits your needs.

If you look a little deeper, this website has  lots of flaws.  The biggest problem that Zillow has is its inaccuracy concerning what properties are really available in our local market.  At the time of my research, Zillow had 454 homes for sale in Ocean Springs. The actual number of homes for sale as per our Multiple Listing service was 307.  Out of the 307 Ocean Springs properties, 57 of those properties were under contract.  This brings the actual total of available Ocean Springs homes to 250.  That means the housing market data provided by Zillow is almost 50% inaccurate!

Another problem Zillow has is the estimate of home values or Zestimate as they call it.  They have an algorithm that computes price per square foot across the city of Ocean Springs. The algorithm does not understand different neighborhoods and desirability of available properties.  For example, a home in the Toscana Subdivision in Ocean Springs sells for the highest price per square foot in that particular area of the city. Zillow will offer a lower market value for any piece of property in that subdivision.  Upgrades, additions, location, desirability, and condition are not factors that Zillow will use to compute its estimate.  You need a Realtor to help you determine the most accurate price range for a particular piece of property based on the conditions of the market.

When you are using this website be conscious of its flaws and inaccuracies.  Contact me first when you start your home buying/selling journey.  Lets sit down over coffee and discuss what your needs are.  Please feel free to check out my website.  It uses real time data from our local Multiple Listing Service.  This means you see what I see when I set up appointments to show homes.  It will update you on whats new or what has sold on the Ocean Springs market.  This website is also mobile friendly and full of useful information to help you locate your dream home.

Not interested in living in Ocean Springs?  That’s OK!  Search for your perfect home anyplace on the Gulf Coast and surrounding cities. The coast is booming with new opportunities and great fun.  Explore the coast and let me know how I can help you.  I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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